Customer relationship

Customer relationship

Close to the customer

At our plant in Italy, we develop and build innovative CNC- machines for cylindrical grinding for a wide range of industries. Regardless of the production requirement, we can offer bespoke and flexible solutions to our customers. In our German location we offer innovative and high-quality die working machines for the wire and cable industry.

LIZZINI – Intelligent Grinding
Verlässliche Partnerschaft

Honesty and openness are the basis for trust. Joint achievements are further developed both within and outside the Group and in partnerships with customers and suppliers. Long-standing relationships are valued and cultivated. WALLRAM Group stands for continuity and stability, both economically and in the quality of our products. This is a guarantee for a long-term and trusting partnership. Only when a product meets all requirements 100%, it‘s considered successful by us.
Wir denken kunden- und lösungsorientiert

As doers, we keep a cool head and concentrate on solutions. Clearly focused on the requirements of our customers, we always manufacture with an eye to the optimum result. We leave nothing to chance: All our actions are based on knowledge and experience. We are always developing and curious. In the further development of our production processes and products, we always have the customer‘s success in mind. We are never satisfied with the „status quo“, but develop techniques to improve and optimize processes, based on market and customer requirements.

Success factors

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