Grinding machines

Grinding machines

  1. Grinding headstock

    LIZZINI grinding machines are equipped with one or optionally several external and internal grinding spindles as well as a B-axis. This allows complex machining tasks to be performed in just one clamping.

  2. Workpiece spindle

    Lizzini workpiece spindles ensure maximum precision, exceptional reliability and versatility of application.

  3. Tailstock

    The option of manual longitudinal adjustment, automatic adjustment and program-controlled axial clamping pressure enables versatile and efficient machining of workpieces.

  4. Traversing axes

    Highest precision and quality of the traversing axes are the prerequisite for a reliable machining process. 

  5. Workpiece table

    The workpiece table provides high stability and rigidity for minimal vibration and precise positioning of the workpiece. 

  6. MachineBed

    A high-quality machine bed forms the stable foundation of every precision machine at Lizzini. It provides maximum rigidity, stability and vibration damping for precise machining and demanding grinding applications.


In cylindrical grinding machines, materials such as steel and cast iron are often used for machine stands. Steel and cast iron is robust and cost-efficient, but it can be thermally unstable. We therefore prefer to use mineral casting or natural granite as the base material for our cylindrical grinding machines. Both materials offer excellent vibration damping and thermal stability. The choice of material depends on the specific requirements of the machine.

Natural Granite:

Granite is a sustainable, natural material that offers high thermal stability, very good vibration dampening and great durability. It is very hard and resistant to wear, making it a good choice for long-lasting applications.

Mineral Casting:

Mineral casting is made of mineral fillers and a binder, which makes it a very stable and resistant material. It has excellent vibration damping and is thermally stable. The mineral casting is obtained in just one piece from the mould.

Traversing axes

The traversing axes can be equipped with either ball screws or linear motors, both of which are critical to the accuracy and quality of the grinding process. Linear motors allow very high dynamics, especially useful in non-round grinding, with precise and repeatable movements and high efficiency at high speed.

Universal cylindrical grinding machines

Our product portfolio includes five different universal grinding machines of the F series (Flexible). These machines are designed for both external and internal grinding. All machines are modular in design and have numerous options for personalization.
Lizzini’s grinding machines are used by more than 600 international companies every day. Our consistent presence at international trade fairs gives us the opportunity to engage with our customers about our latest innovations and their future needs.

Innovative grinding for individual part manufacturing as well as small and large series production.

Modern mechanical engineering materials and visionary constructions are combined with variable B-axes, which can be fitted with several external and internal grinding spindles.

Internal cylindrical grinding machines

Our internal cylindrical grinding machines in the I-series (internal) are available in three different sizes. These machines are specially designed for internal grinding. All machines are modular and have numerous options for personalization.
This is how we produce unique solutions that fit for a wide range of industries, such as aviation, automotive, mechanical engineering, tool construction, medical technology, contract manufacturing companies, chemical industry, etc.

Lizzini’s portfolio for cylindrical grinding comprises eight models: five external/universal grinding machines and three machines for internal grinding. The maximum grinding length range goes from 250 mm (IG FXS) to 1.500 mm (IG FXL). In the middle, we find the IG FS, IG FM and IG FL models, suitable for grinding parts of 500 mm, 800 mm, 1.000 mm maximum length. Our machines for internal grinding are suitable for grinding parts up to 300 mm length and have a center height of 230 mm. The bed of the internal machines is in natural granite as a standard, in order to ensure the best thermal stability possible and, consequently, maximum precision.

All our products are tailor-made, according to customers’ requests. Thanks to their flexibility, our machines are suitable for a wide range of processing.

There are many optional available: natural granite bed, B axis, software implementations, linear motors, hydrostatic guides, balancing and measuring systems, dressing systems, automation…

Take a look at our portfolio to find the model that best fits your needs.

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