MICRON - Grinding software

Intuitive software for programming the grinding technique.

Our intuitive grinding software MICRON is simple and intuitive. It offers you a wide range of functions that enable you to machine your workpieces precisely and efficiently:

■ Outer or inner diameter grinding
■ Right or left shoulder and taper grinding with adjustable angles
■ Grooving, multiple grooving and oscillating machining, combinable
■ Roughing, finishing, superfinishing, spark-out freely programmable
■ Graphical grinding wheel profile definition: radius, chamfer, taper
■ Grinding wheel corrections in general or for each operation
■ Control of grinding wheel width and minimum diameter
■ Manual or automatic workpiece zero point and dresser zero point

Our MICRON grinding software is a powerful and user-friendly solution that gives you maximum flexibility and control over your grinding processes. Being developed completely in-house, it also allows customisation according to customer requirements.

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